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  -    -  Mr Doodle  -  Disney Doodles – Hawaiian Holiday, 2023
Disney Doodles - Hawaiian Holiday, 2023
  • Dimension
  • 50 x 50 cm
  • Edition
  • 100 + 5AP
  • Price
  • HK$ 17,500
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The collection of five prints features some of Disney’s iconic characters and themes: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Hawaiian Holiday, Plane Crazy, and Steamboat Willie.

Each screenprint edition is limited to 100 prints with 5AP, and is hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Each individual print is presented in a custom-designed folio inside a custom-designed box, published by Pearl Lam Galleries Limited in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Hawaiian holiday:

Featuring best pals Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, this is a ‘doodlised’ recreation of the original poster for the 1937 Disney cartoon of the same name. Amongst the two main characters there are plenty of fish splashing in the sea as well as birds flapping in the sky.